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    Booking procedure

  • Do please read our booking conditions so that there is no misunderstanding as to what you may expect of us and we may expect of you.

  • Select the accommodation and week(s) of your choice and email or ring us with your enquiry.

  • We shall reply by return e-mail whether or not the apartment/period of your choice is still available

  • If you wish to book, contact us a.s.a.p with you choice and we will make a provisional booking which we will hold for 14 days.

  • We will then send you our booking form in doc format, which you will be able to fill in on your computer, and then email it back to us.  If you are unable to do this you can print it and then send  it to us by post.  If you wish to pay in sterling please request our  STERLING BOOKING FORM  if you are outside the UK, or if for some other reason you wish to pay in euro, please advise us,  or request our EURO BOOKING FORM

  • The deposit can be transferred online, by credit transfer or by cheque to UK account for sterling payments, and our French account for euro transactions. The details are on the booking form.

  • We must insist on receiving a booking form from you by post; the details on it provided by you are needed for safety and insurance reasons (we always need to know who is or may be on the premises).

  • Upon receipt of your booking form we shall confirm your booking and receipt of payment by email.  If you require a paper copy, do please ask.


Booking Conditions



Except for bookings outside our main season, when we may arrange varying times with you, apartments at Arc-en-Provence are available from 4PM onwards on the agreed day of arrival. The apartments must be vacated by 10AM on the of departure unless otherwise arranged.



The number of people staying in the accommodation of your choice may not exceed the maximum stated in the brochure.

Guest Details For safety reasons we need to be informed of all our guests' names on the booking form. We ask to be notified before your arrival should any members of your party change.


Payment Terms

Upon booking your apartment a third of the rental is payable as a deposit. The balance is payable no later than 21 days before your arrival. Should your booking be made less than 4 weeks prior to the start of your stay with us the total amount is payable with your booking.


Confirmation Upon receipt of your booking form and deposit

We shall send you  confirmation of your booking and receipt of payment by email or by post if you request it



We ask that care is taken with the property; both the apartment you rent and anything else on the premises. If accidental damage of a minor nature should occur you will not normally be charged, but you will be liable for damages which cannot be so classified. We ask you please to notify us immediately of any damage - however minor - as soon as it occurs.



We take pride in providing you with scrupulously clean holiday accommodation. We would be obliged if, on departure, you leave the property in a state similar to the one you found it in on arrival.



Legally binding bookings can only be made after your having obtained sufficient information from us as to availability of the selected unit. We will not accept any legal commitment of any sort with respect to bookings which have not been so made. A printed availability chart or the availability chart posted on this website will not be deemed to be sufficient information per se. A booking will only be regarded as a firm booking by us if and when we have received the deposit required.

Cancellation A holiday booking constitutes a legally binding contract. Should you cancel your booking with us, this means you will be held liable for the full cost of your cancelled holiday, unless and until we are able to obtain a substitute booking. If, once you have notified us of your cancellation, we do succeed in obtaining a substitute booking at the same rental, if you had not yet paid the full rental, you will be repaid what you had paid less 20% of the total rental; if you had paid the full rental, 80% of it will be repaid to you.

For your own peace of mind, you may want to take out cancellation insurance for your booking with us to cover losses as a result of your cancellation. If you need advice on this please ask.

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